Have you ever been shopping whether online or out and about and seen something that you liked but thought with your own personal twist to it, it would be so much better?

Well, that’s exactly what happened with us and the reason that we set up Pig in Mud Productions.

We went online, EBay, Amazon and the like and could find great items but they never said exactly how we were feeling at that moment, we could never find that one item that would make us feel good and so Pig in Mud Productions was born…

If you are looking for quality tees or hoodies, maybe a piece of wall art or a clock that really grabs your attention, inspires you or simply just makes you smile then Pig in Mud Productions is the place to be.

Also because we are an independent business and want our customers to enjoy their experiences with us we will happily create something personal to you, whether for a giggle with the girls or a motivational quote for the gym, come and have a chat.

You can find us at the following places or you can give us a call, we can’t wait to hear from you…