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Mentally Dating

So you find yourself of an evening or weekend watching tv, it could be crime shows, fantasy, sports and even the soap operas and you find yourself immersed in both the storylines but also the characters.

I think we have all imagined dating a famous person or character, putting ourselves in the roles of their partners, well if you have this collection is for you!

We have a large collection of tv and sport names both real and fictional for you to enjoy, this collection looks fab on mugs and t-shirts.

Show your undying love today with this cool collection from Pig in Mud!

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Einstein’s Stupidity 

Now, Albert Einstein in no way can be classed as stupid but we would also not class him as a comedian.

When I came across this quote by him I thought it absolutely brilliant but also truly funny.

We all know that one person or group of people who are a sandwich short of a picnic and this quote would suit them down to the ground.

I personally think this would look great on a wall art, maybe for the home but definitely for the office and if you don’t want to be too obvious you could always get in on a mug.

Check out the range we have on offer here

Critical Unicorns 

As a big fan of crime shows it will come as no surprise that we at Pig in Mud enjoy Criminal Minds.

The stories are brilliant and sometimes extremely disturbing and weird, however the characters in the show make it what it is and one of our favourite characters is Dr. Spencer Reid played superbly by Matthew Gray Gubler.

Not only is he a fantastic actor but we came across this quote of his and it is that good it makes you smile and think at the same time.

This design would look fabulous on the walls of your office or home, on a tee or even your favourite mug and can be purchased here – Critical Unicorns

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